How to Learn the Kalimba Quickly

How to Learn the Kalimba Quickly

The kalimba is an easy instrument to learn. There are two basic styles available for beginners. You can choose a 12-tine kalimba if you are new to the instrument or you'd like to learn how to play a song. Either way, it is worth the price and time to learn the basics. You can also choose a different instrument if you prefer a different look. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials available for beginners.

Playing the kalimba is a simple process. First, you must learn about the octaves, which are the notes above and below one another. This is a very important aspect to learning how to play the kalimba. To learn the octaves, refer to a key chart, which lists the positions of the tines on the kalimba. These are very similar to the piano keys. Then, practice playing by ear and learn how to play the kalimba instrument.

When choosing a kalimba instrument, consider its design and how the instrument will be used. The DKL-17 kalimba, for example, is a 17-key wonder. Its striking design and soothing sound will make you want to play the kalimba for a long time. The kit also comes with a tuning hammer and a stylish case. As a bonus, the Kit House kalimba is a wonderful choice for beginners and experienced players alike.

The basic design of a kalimba includes a soundhole and a bridge. Both of these structures are used as tuning guides. Then, the tines, which are the keys, are curved downwards and placed next to each other. The tines are usually staggered to prevent thumb contact. The resulting sound is rich and resonant. It is possible to play a whole song using a single kalimba.

The mbira is the national instrument of Zimbabwe. The Shona people believe that this instrument was given to them to attract the spirit of the dead. They play the deceased person's favorite songs to entice the spirit to visit them. To get people's attention, you should play beautiful songs. The mbira's popularity in Africa and around the world has influenced the development of the kalimba instrument. The late 1950s saw the emergence of kalimbas made with the 'Do Re Mi' scale. Wait A Minim by Andrew and Paul was an example of this trend.

The kalimba instrument comes with an instruction manual, which you can use to tune the instrument. Depending on your experience level, you may need to purchase an instructional book. This instrument can also be purchased in a package that comes with a stylish bag. Besides the kalimba, you may also need a tuning hammer. Some kalimbas come with thumb protectors and a cleaning cloth. It is very important to understand the different sonic properties of the kalimba before playing it.


A kalimba instrument is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere. It is easy to make and doesn't take a lot of skills, although it does take time and patience. Nonetheless, the outcome is an instrument that looks beautiful and sounds good. Just remember that it's not a rocket science - you're only going to need a few basic tools, and you'll be on your way to learning how to play the kalimba.